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Invited Speakers

Nobel Prize Winners Speaking

The International Scientific Committee delightfully announces the 2019 Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry: Akira Yoshino and M. Stanley Whittingham giving presentations in a special symposium.


Also speaking:


Takeshi Abe: Evaluation of Internal Resistances and Rate Determining Steps of LIB

Doron Aurbach: Review-style overview on promising current and future electrode materials

Perla Balbuena: Role of electrolyte and interphase components on modulating Li metal reactivity

Jerry Barker: The Commercialization of Safe, High Energy Density Na-ion Batteries

Patrick Bernard: Advances Li-ion technologies and beyond

Adam Best: Development of Artificial SEI’s for the Lithium Metal Anode

Dominic Bresser: Single-ion polymer electrolytes for high-energy lithium batteries and beyond

Melanie Britton: In Operando Visualisation of Sodium Battery Chemistry by Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Gerbrand Ceder: Disordered rocksalt cathodes

Jang Wook Choi: Advanced Binder Designs for Large-Scale Sulfide-based All-Solid-State Batteries

Young-Min Choi: Progress in the nickel-rich cathdoe materials for EV applicatio

William Chueh: Point Defects and Coordinations in Layered Oxide

Laurence Croguennec: tba

Yi Cui: High Capacity Lithium-Based Anodes from Understanding to Materials Design

Jeff Dahn: Advantages of single crystal positive electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries

Susanne Dörffler: Recent developments for disruptive anodes in next generation lithium sulfur and lithium ion batteries

Robert Dominko: tba

Marie-Liesse Doublet: The Challenge of High Energy Density in BatteriesKristina Edström: Research on electrode, electrolyte and separator materials in the context of Battery 2030+ and beyond

Diana Golodnitsky: Probing the Interfacial Properties of Silicon Anode by THz Spectroscopy

Clare Grey: Characterization methods: A chance for better insight into reaction and failure mechanisms in lithium batteries

Yu-Guo Guo: Towards better solid-state Li metal batteries: Electrode materials and interfacial designs

Dominique Guyomard: Interest of organics for energy storage, from surface modification to bulk materials

Christoph Herrmann / Arno Kwade: Life Cycle Engineering for Lithium-Ion Batteries: The Role of Recycling

Yang Shao Horn: Review-style overview on current developments in liquid and solid electrolyte research

Kei Hosoi: NEDO's R&D strategies of next-generation batteries

David Howell: U.S. Policy, Market, and Research Directions for Lithium Batteries

Yong Sheng Hu: Na-ion battery with unexpected fast charging and discharging rate

Bing Joe Hwang: Lithium deposition in locally-concentrated electrolyte

Minoru Inaba: Suppression of Electrolyte Decomposition in Lithium-Ion Batteries

Yasutoshi Iriyama: Interface Ionics for Advanced Oxide-Based All-Solid-State Batteries

Jürgen Janek: The Lithium Metal Anode in Solid-State Batteries

Kisuk Kang: Understanding and mitigating the voltage fades in lithium-rich layered transition metal oxide electrodes

Ryoji Kanno: All-solid-state battery using sulfide electrolytes based on the LGPS related materials

Ulrike Krewer: Revealing Electrode Surface Changes in Li Ion Batteries with Nonlinear Frequency Response Analyis

Peter Lamp, BMW: BMW strategy on battery technology development

Arnulf Latz: Influence of electrode morphology on performance and degradation of Lithium Ion Batteries

Laura Cristina Loaiza: Siloxene and germanane as new negative electrode materials for Li-, Na- and K-ion batteries

Hong Li: tba

Yi-Chun Lu: Fundamental Understanding and Electrode-Electrolyte Design for Rechargeable Air-Batteries

Julia Maibach: Insights from Ambient Pressure Photoelectron Spectroscopy: Including Liquid Electrolytes in Interface studies

Monica Marinescu: Physically-informed models for improved cell design and battery operation

Alvaro Masias, Ford: Challenges of Lithium Metal Batteries for Automotive Applications

Wenjuan Mattis: High-Energy & Safe Battery Technology with Fast Charging Capability for xEV Applications

Shirley Meng: Phenomena at electrode-electrolyte interfaces

Linda Nazar: Overcoming Interface Challenges for Solid State Electrolytes in Solid State Batteries

Christophe Pillot: The rechargeable battery market and main trends 2020-2030

Tobias Placke: On the Way Towards Dual-Ion Batteries as Alternative Energy Storage Technology: Fundamentals, Challenges and Strategies

Hikari Sakaebe: Cross-talk or Shuttle Effect? The Phenomena in the Metal polysulfide/Li Cell

Jeff Sakamoto: tba

Yang Shao-Horn: Review-style overview on current developments in liquid and solid electrolyte research

Venkat Srinivasan: Challenges and Chances of modeling in lithium battery research

Brian Storey: tba

Xueliang Sun: tba

Norio Takami: Technologies and Performance of Lithium-Ion Batteries Using TiNb2O7 Anodes

Nae-Lih Wu: Engineering Li-ion battery anodes with soft artificial solid-electrolyte interphases

Kang Xu: Zn Chemistry Revived by New Aqueous Electrolytes

Atsuo Yamada: A cyclic phosphate based electrolyte

Jiguang Zhang: Localized High Concentration Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries

Qiang Zhang: Composite Li Metal Anode for Rechargeable Batteries

This list includes all speakers confirmed by February 17th, 2020.